Dental imperfections are very common. Crooked teeth, discolourations, gaps – they may not be functional but they could be noticeable enough to make you self-conscious.

Veneers mask dental imperfections. They are small, hand-crafted porcelain or ‘Composite’ shields that simply slot over a tooth to hide a gap, discolouration or any other small imperfection. The key difference between veneers, bridges and crowns is that veneers do not have any functional benefit. They will not fix a crack or solve bite problems – they will simply hide an unsightly imperfection.

That is often enough. If the problem is not causing any functional problems then just hiding it is usually fine. The veneer is the perfect solution to that. They are also very straightforward and painless to install.

The process begins with an appointment focussed on measuring for the veneer and preparing the tooth. Some enamel may have to be removed for the adhesive to work properly and fasten the veneer, or the tooth may have to be reshaped slightly to make a perfect fit.

Once you’re all measured up the veneer is then produced, and once it is complete and back with us the second appointment consists of fitting it. Every effort is made for the veneer to blend in naturally with the rest of the teeth, so it will be shaped and coloured accordingly.

If there are any functional problems stemming from your dental imperfection, we may recommend you have a crown, filling or implant instead. This is assessed on a case by case basis and the first thing to do is just come in for a chat about your thoughts and concerns. Our dentists can then advise you further on the best approach.

Boost your self-confidence and feel proud of your smile again with veneers, a quick and easy solution for dental imperfections. If you are worried by the procedure we are even able to carry much of the work out under

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