Root Canal

Root canal treatment has something of an unfair reputation these days. Falsely labelled as being a painful experience, root canal treatment is usually quite the opposite: it is relief from root canal inflammations.
When bacteria builds up or inflames in the pulp of a tooth it can lead to problems like abscesses or a spreading infection. It’s uncomfortable, painful, and generally results from decay, or a faulty filling or chipped or cracked tooth.

To determine whether root canal treatment is needed the dentist will usually undertake an X-Ray examination to identify the cause of discomfort. Symptoms of a root canal problem can include pain or sensitivity when having hot or cold drinks, or severe discolouration and in some cases even pus.

It isn’t possible to treat a bacterial infection in the root canal with antibiotics in the long term so the dentist must do it manually. This consists of using specialist instruments to thoroughly clean the infected tooth, drain the abscess and remove the infected pulp from inside the tooth. The damaged tooth is then sealed with a filling.

Overall the process will greatly relieve any pain, as well as prevent future problems that can result from a spreading infection. Discolouration can even be treated or masked with veneers to bring the teeth back to normal and restore any loss of confidence that might have come from having dental imperfections.

Root canal treatment is completely routine and nothing to worry about. Leaving any infections alone could lead to much worse problems so it’s important to focus attention on in it as early as possible. We’re here to help. If you are particularly worried by the thought of the procedure, it is sometimes possible to carry this out under sedation. We also have a dedicated specialist endodontist at the practice if the procedure proves particularly tricky. If you have any questions about the process or want to book an appointment with our team, simply call 01342 410160.

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