I had an appointment at 2.10 on 16th October and had two teeth extracted. I just wanted to say thank you to all those involved in my treatment, i.e. the very pleasant young lady receptionist, the doctor responsible for my sedation who put me at ease, the dental surgeon (I believe it was Dr Richard Simons) and the dental and recovery nurses. Naturally, I had some discomfort after the extractions but no pain so I did not need to take any pain killers and I have now healed up very well.
Everyone was so kind, thoughtful and considerate so once again thank you very much to all concerned with my treatment.
Kindest regards,

Just a little “thank-you”.
To all the lovely ladies at reception, the lovely seditionist and oral surgeon.
“Thank you”.
This was my third visit to ‘St Faiths’ and I wanted to thank you for always making me feel at ease and being thoughtful of my anxiety (at having another tooth removed!).
Many Thank-you’s.

Thank you.
To all the dental and sedation team.
I will never be worried having and treatment ever again. If I ever needed to come to your clinic again.
Thank you all so much.

To all the staff at St Faith.
I want to say a big thank you for your help, patience and kindness that you showed me whilst I was in your care. I’m not the bravest person when it comes to the dentist or with needles, but you were all so kind, gentle and patient with me despite this.

You have all done such a brilliant job. I am now recovered, the swelling has gone and I now feel pain free in my mouth for the first time in about four years, so thank you.

You have restored a little faith in dental professionals for me.
So thank you all so much once again.

Thank you!
Dear all, Thank you so much for looking after R. last week. We were all so very apprehensive before the visit however your friendly, calming, professionalism bowled us over.
R. is recovering very well.

“The worlds a better place because of people just like you”.
I just wanted to say a big thank you to all of you that helped me on Saturday. I did not know how my tooth came out. I did not feel a thing.

Thank you.
To everyone.
Thank you for looking after me.
Love from LC.

Just to say thank you very much.
Just wanted to write to say a big thank you to you and your team for all the work done on my teeth over the last few months. My mouth is now very comfortable, and you have given me back my pain-free smile!
Best wishes,

Dear Mr Richard and Dr David.
Just a line to say thank you for taking my tooth last Friday. I suffered no pain and slept beautifully. You are both true professionals and top of your league.
Thank you again for your help.

Thank you so much.
To all the staff, both my son and daughter were with you on 24th September CB and LJ. I would love to say a huge thank you to you all for looking after L he was a little bit scared, the nurse was great and between us we got the job done.
Thank you so very much.

Thank you very much.
Thank you for looking after me so well after my surgery and making it as nice of an experience as possible!

Thank you for getting my tooth out and giving my teddy an injection. You are so lovely.
Love GA

Dear Saint Faith Clinic,
Thank you for distracting me and my mum when you took my teeth out.
Also thank you for looking after me, and being so nice and taking my teeth out so quickly.
I’d like to say thank you to all the dentists that took all my teeth out you were all so nice.
Thank you to the last who put the ‘magic cream’ on my hand (you were really caring). And thank you to Saint Faith Clinic for caring for me. looking after me and making me feel looked after.
Thank yo so much.

Just a little thank you note.
To all at St Faith,
Thank you very much for fitting me in with just 2 days notice to sort out an extraction which was causing me much pain. Also to the Dental Surgeon team for the way they settled me down as I was so worried.
I appreciate your help very much.

Dear Richard
We very much appreciate your hard work in fixing R’s implant.
Thanks for everything!
Thanks a lot.

Dear all,
We just wanted to say a big ‘thank you’ to everyone who had anything to do with the original treatment of SC and her return visit for removal of some stitches.
From the initial telephone conversation to the release from the recovery room we can only compliment you ALL on the treatment S received.
She is now once again a ‘happy bunny’ and looking forward to her 100 mile race next weekend.
Sincere good wishes from her family.
P.S. She has never been a great fan of dentists but we think she now may be revising her opinion.

Dear Richard +Team,
Thank you for my treatment and finally my tooth!
such a professional.

Thank you.
To all the Staff,
I want to thank all of you so much – for keeping my daughter SW- get through a wisdom tooth extraction – with such compassionate care – from our initial meeting with the receptionist, to the anaesthetist the dental surgeon, the nurse in recovery- you were all brilliant!
She had no subsequent pain following the extraction and never had to take any painkillers!
It has given her hope that there are skilled people like you to be there when it really matters.
Again, many thanks.

Thank you.
I saw nothing I heard nothing.
Thank you for taking my tooth out.

Thank you
Thank you all very much for the care and kindness you gave me last week.
I could not have asked for better treatment anywhere and your reassuring support ensured my experience was pain and stress-free!
With best wishes and my grateful thanks,

Thank you very much all of you for fixing my teeth on 9th April.
You are all very kind.
Lots of love.

To the dentist.
Thank you for pulling my tooth out, now my tooth isn’t hurting and I will now look after my teeth.
Thank you.

Thank you. The words may be small but the sentiment is huge!
To all at St Faith Clinic.
You all made a tough experience do-able for me (the wobbly patient!) and my daughter (C the brave) what a great team you all are from start to finish.
Thank you.

Dear St Faiths
Thank you all so very much for looking after D so well. He was absolutely DREADING the procedure and I can’t thank you enough for your understanding and professionalism. He is absolutely fine now.
Yours sincerely,

My name is LB and you treated me on the 4th of March.
I just wanted to say thank you so much for treating me- I am thrilled to have my teeth fixed. Thank you so much. I can stop worrying about my teeth now.
Best regards.

Thank you.
To everyone at St Faiths Clinic, I would like to say thank you so much for all the care and attention I received when I came for my appointment on Wednesday. I was a bit nervous but the two lovely receptionists were so friendly that I began to feel at ease as soon as I arrived. The anaesthetist took away any fears I might have had by explaining exactly what he was going to do. The same with the dentist I saw and also the dental nurse, they were all marvellous. The recovery nurse was very gentle and kind and helped me to my friend’s car. There was no waiting around and I was home in no time. I had no bruising, no swelling, no pain the next day and it’s only because I can feel the ‘gap’ that I know the tooth is gone!
Thank you again, all of you, I’m really, really impressed!
Best wishes.

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