Orthodontics is a general term of the straightening of misaligned teeth, designed to fix bites to correct cosmetic and functional problems. Traditional braces are made from metal wires connecting brackets cemented to the teeth, but there’s another type of brace taking orthodontics by storm.

Invisalign is a revolutionary new way to correct underbites and overbites and prevent joint problems, without creating issues with self-confidence that metal brackets can sometimes cause. 

Invisalign uses an innovative clear retainer system to straighten teeth without requiring the cleaning and maintenance of uncomfortable metal wires and brackets. The system involves using a custom-built plastic shield that slots over the teeth and gently pressure them into moving. It creates the same results without any of the drawbacks. 

Perhaps the biggest advantage is that Invisalign retainers are almost completely invisible. No need to feel self-conscious in social situations. No need to be embarrassed by your smile. Invisalign does all the hard work of straightening teeth without the visual downsides. 

The retainers can even be removed for eating certain foods, and when brushing your teeth so you can maintain a regular hygiene routine. 

The process involves having several retainers created for your teeth, each at varying sizes. Each one is worn for a set period of time and over the course of the treatment your teeth will be moved into the desired positions. This makes the timing very carefully managed. The control over which teeth can be moved and when is much greater than that of traditional braces.

There are occasions where ‘Traditional’ orthodonics is the better option, and we have a Consultant Orthodontist on the team who can provide this option if needs be.

Here at St Faiths in East Grinstead our staff includes several certified Invisalign experts and orthodontics professionals who would be happy to set you on the path to a bigger, brighter, healthier smile. 

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