By cementing a cap over the top of a damaged tooth we can recreate its original shape, size and strength. This might be necessary if the tooth is weak and in danger of breaking due to decay or a crack, or if the tooth is misshapen and unsightly.

Fitting a crown is a routine procedure that usually requires only a couple of appointments. Encasing the tooth in a porcelain or ceramic crown is quick and painless and involves cementing the crown in place using dental adhesive. Each crown is custom-built specifically to the shape of the tooth so it is a perfect fit each time.

Once the crown has been fitted, caring for it is just the same as the rest of your teeth. Just treat it as part of your tooth. So brush regularly and carefully – it is particularly important to keep the area at which the crown meets the tooth clean. Depending upon why the crown was needed, it is often the case that there is no reason a crown could not last a lifetime.

If you are worried by the procedure we are even able to carry much of the work out under sedation

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