One of our main philosophies is to advocate preventative dentistry – avoiding future problems by keeping teeth and gums clean and maintaining that cleanliness for as long as possible. We do this by teaching people the correct ways to brush and floss, but we also have an in-house dedicated hygienist.

You should always clean your teeth thoroughly before visiting the dentist, but they will also give your teeth a scale and a polish during a check-up appointment. This is just to get rid of the worst buildups of plaque and tartar.

The hygienist is a more comprehensive appointment that takes half an hour to an hour in addition to the dentist’s check-up. Using state of the art dental tools and technology the hygienist thoroughly cleans your teeth and gums resulting in a clean, fresh feeling. If you have a brace or an orthodontic wire which can make parts of your mouth difficult to reach, or dental implant work (which can be particularly at risk of gum problems) visiting the hygienist can be doubly important and useful.

Keeping your teeth and gums clean helps prevent and treat gum disease, and visiting the hygienist every six months is an excellent way to stay on top of any potential oral problems. Even if you feel like you have a good level of oral hygiene there’s never any harm in visiting the hygienist to keep things ticking over. The process is thorough but painless and a routine, recommended part of our work here at St Faiths. If there are more major concerns regarding your gum health, we have a specialist Periodontologist (dentist that specialises in gum disease) at the practice that can help.

If the thought of scaling still leaves you cold, we are also one of the very few practices in the UK that carry out hygiene work under sedation.

Leave the hygienist with a gleaming smile and the confidence to tackle the world head-on. To get started book an appointment by calling 01342 410160.

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