Dental Implants

Dental implants may sound like a major treatment, but the reality is that the process is routine. Implants are a regular treatment in the case of tooth loss, either through severe gum disease or maybe just an accident.

When a tooth is missing, a dental implant replaces it. The process involves fitting a titanium screw into the jawbone and using it as a kind of artificial tooth root. The dentist fastens an extension or a dental crown onto this screw to create a functioning, natural but artificial tooth.

This is a great treatment for tooth loss because as well as the reduced functionality that tooth loss can cause, and the risk of further problems, it can also impact wellbeing. Lacking confidence in social situations is an often overlooked side effect of dental health problems. But implants can restore confidence by creating the illusion of a full set of teeth.

When it comes to caring for dental implants, it isn’t much different than caring for natural teeth. The implants may be artificial but they are more or less permanent. The better you look after them the longer they will last. Good treatment involves regular brushing – electric toothbrushes are more effective – flossing using mouthwash and regular hygienist visits. If you care for them correctly, there is no reason why implants cannot last 15 years and more.

The procedure is usually completely routine and can usually be finished in just two to three appointments. After the screw is inserted into the jaw, an abutment is fastened to the top. After a period of rest to allow the mouth to heal, the implant crown is attached to the implant. It is carefully matched in colour to the rest of the teeth. If you are worried by the procedure we are even able to carry the work out under sedation.

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