Smile Makeover

Good oral health and hygiene are as much about mental wellbeing as about physical health. Having a smile to be proud of can boost your confidence, improving your day to day social and professional life. Helping create a smile for you to be proud of is one of our main goals here at St Faiths, and we start with smile makeovers.

The main thing to consider about cosmetic dental treatment is that not everybody is the same. This makes our smile makeovers completely unique – customised to each individual patient. The packages are truly bespoke, and we’ll work with you to decide what will help you unlock the perfect smile.

The smile makeover begins just like this – with a one-to-one chat with our staff to talk through your concerns and thoughts. Together we can create a package just for you. Is it teeth whitening you’re after? Maybe some orthodontic treatment to straighten out misalignment? A veneer to mask an imperfection? Whatever it is our experienced team will work it out with you, to build the perfect dental treatment package.

From the first discussion there are no commitments, so if you decide to change your mind about anything before the treatments that’s absolutely fine. But hopefully a chat with our team who can impart their thoughts and advice on what would work best for you will leave you without any doubts. If you are worried by the procedure we are even able to carry much of the work out under sedation.

Getting started is easy, too. To book your first appointment simply call 01342 410160.

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